Follow that box

Follow that box

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Maybe it’s our Parisian influence, but we believe in a leisurely lunch that leaves you inspired. And while we love when you come in to visit, we also like spreading the Bistro joy with our good, real good boxed lunches to busy friends around town.

Imagine it. Throughout the morning, our team is assembling stacks of tailor-made boxes and pans and delivering them to organizations that want something different and refreshing. Our boxes are like culinary Roaming Gnomes, sneaking onto desks and in meeting rooms, and prompting the folks who open them to smile big and dig in.

Our boxes travel to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, where physicians and health care professionals take five from the tough work of treating sick children to open packages filled with salads, like our homemade shrimp remoulade, or sandwiches like the avocado supreme with sprouts. We love taking care of them, while they take care of others.

Our boxes find their way into the conference room of Bernhard Capital Partners (BCP), where hard-working employees dive into nutrient-dense proteins and vegetables. We enjoy working with clients to craft menus that fit their preferences, and for BCP, that meant healthy items like fresh grilled salmon and tuna, lean pork chops, flat iron steak with grilled shrimp, steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus and chopped salads.

And at so many other businesses and organizations in the area, our boxes arrive and feel like midday gifts. Aromas of Creole shrimp pasta, back-of-the-stove chicken and our signature pot roast summon team members thrilled they don’t have to zap leftovers in the employee microwave.

Our boxes tell a story. Life’s too short for a bad lunch.