The Secret to a Successful Valentine’s Day? Relax.

The Secret to a Successful Valentine’s Day? Relax.

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Call us rebels, but we prefer a no-pressure Valentine’s Day that’s all about real good food and company. We know many of you agree.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we watch you mosey through our doors to celebrate love and friendship. We see cute couples soaking up our French café vibe, groups of friends buying each other rounds and families returning for their favorite go-to menu items.

Life is stressful enough without Cupid breathing down your neck. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent a whopping $512.03 per person last year on Valentine’s Day. We can beat that soundly and save you a lot of trouble, too.

Once again this year, we’ll feature a $70 per couple special that lets you pick and choose favorite appetizers, new and returning entrées and beloved desserts. Or, you can keep it simple and order off our regular menu of homemade French and Creole classics. Either way, your Valentine will be saying je t’aime when the meal is complete!

So whether you’re on a first date (no pressure there!), prefer to bring the kids or want to feel like you’re in Paris, you’ll be more than comfortable celebrating Valentine’s at your neighborhood bistro. And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?